SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The combination of snow and wind has left driveways across Sioux Falls drifted shut.

Everyone has a strategy when it comes to shoveling snow.

“I’d rather do it in shifts every few hours than try to lift all 16 inches at one time,” Sioux Falls resident Megan Heezen said.

Megan Heezen has an unscheduled day off due to the snow. She’s a teacher at Harrisburg North Middle School.

“My husband and I had an agreement that if he snow blowed the driveway so I could get out I would shovel the sidewalks, front and back, for our dog (laugh),” Heezen said.

She says there are worse ways to spend a snow day.

“A lot of it from last night and overnight and this morning is really fluffy, it’s not bad at all,” Heezen said.

“Oh, very tired of winter,” Sioux Falls resident Tyler Anderson said.

Tyler Anderson is also shoveling, but not by choice.

“My snow-blower broke the last big storm so this one I figured I’d get out, try to get it before we get the second half of the storm,” Anderson said.

“Trying to get rid of some of this snow before the next snow falls,” Sioux Falls resident Roger Zirpel said.

Roger Zirpel is not shoveling.

The longtime Sioux Falls resident busted out the heavy equipment for the city’s latest storm.

“I’ve got my own concrete business so I have a skid loader parked out back, so it makes it a lot easier,” Zirpel said.

Zirpel says he’s always willing to lend a hand to neighbors.

“It’s just easy to do instead of having somebody try to dig out their approach with a shovel. Some of that stuff can be pretty hard,” Zirpel said.

And he’s ready for round two.

“Yeah, why not, I’ve got this (laugh),” Zirpel said.

As for Heezen, she won’t spend her entire day off shoveling…

“I’m going to sit inside (laugh),” Heezen said.

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