SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s been a rough couple months for trees and property owners in Sioux Falls. 

Dick Neu is one of many people picking up after yet another round of storms.

“My son lives two doors down from me so we have been working on both places cleaning it up and you know it seems like I see a lot of people helping each other too, so it kind of brings the community together a little bit,” Neu said.

To help people with the cleanup, the city re-opened its two debris drop-off locations.

“This is our third storm of the year with two months. So there is obviously, you know, cleaning up debris and things like that. It’s a headache and it’s kind of out of the norm to have this many storms this year.  So, to kind of give then a spot in town so they’re not driving all the way to the landfill is nice,” city of Sioux Falls Operations Manager Dustin Hansen said.

For lots of Sioux Falls citizens, these drop-off locations have been saving them a lot of money and time during these storms.

“If you can entertain the thought of doing it yourself and saving yourself some money, because today in this inflated world, you know anytime you can save some money, it’s a great thing and the city providing us do this free of charge helps quite a bit” Neu said. 

“Saving the citizens, homeowners and property owners money, obviously, not having to drop off all the way to the landfill and pay for fuel there, and then we obviously waive the fees here so there are no fees,” Hansen said.