SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — More snow is headed for KELOLAND.

Sioux Falls could end up with three to five inches by Thursday night with another snow chance over the weekend.

Many people in KELOLAND likely agree with Alexa Maud’s take on this winter.

“It’s a long one. It’s very cold, lots of snow, but it’s South Dakota. It’s what we’re used to,” Maud said.

Residents aren’t the only ones preparing for more snow in Sioux Falls.

City of Sioux Falls street manager, Dustin Hansen, says crews will prioritize the emergency routes to keep them clear and safe.

“We’ve switched them over to 12-hour shifts already, so they’ll continue to monitor. When they’re not plowing or treating snow right now they’re actually filling potholes,” Hansen said.

Hansen wants residents to be aware the upcoming snowfall brings the potential for a snow alert.

“We still see issues with people parking on the streets when we’re trying to plow those. Know your zones. Utilize our new live tracker map,” Hansen said.

Spring arrives in less than two weeks, but for now winter weather is hanging on in KELOLAND.

“We’re ready to get out and have our kids do soccer practice, and can’t quite do that with snow on the ground,” Maud said.

This will give you an idea of just how busy street crews have been this season.

In a typical winter 4,000-5,000 loads of snow are hauled to the city’s snow sites.

This season, more than 25,000 loads have been hauled.