SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The rise of electric vehicles are becoming more common across the country and right here in KELOLAND.

From charging stations to the electric grid, Sioux Falls is working with an agency to make sure it’s ready for more electric cars.

“They are going to be helping us understand what are the current charging station needs, what are some of the market projections for some of this newer technology, and from that information we will use that to help prepare our community for this type of technology,” Sioux Falls Sustainability Coordinator Holly Meier said.

Tyler McFarland works at the local Toyota dealership and says there are a couple of reasons more people are turning to electric.

“Low cost on maintenance. Obviously, fuel economy is one you’re eliminating the cost of consumption on that. I would say those would be your two biggest factors,” McFarland said.

“Some people are interested in the environmental impacts. We have less air pollution that comes from electric vehicles,” Meier said.

Currently, some of the biggest questions involve the local power grid.

“We’re hoping to bring in a variety of stakeholders to explore this question and provide their expertise, and to help us as a broader community better understand transportation technology will mean for our community,” Meier said.

As new needs arise, the city plans to respond.

“We’re as ready as anybody is gonna be. We’re not quite the coastal cities where they may have, you know, a larger consumer market where they’re actually investing into it. I would say as we move through the next 5-10 years, absolutely,” McFarland said.

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