Sioux Falls Police Join Lip-Sync Challenge

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The Sioux Falls Police Department has now joined the nationwide law enforcement lip-sync challenge.

Usually it’s the police informant who sings like a canary.  But this time it’s the officers themselves who are in fine-voice: an arresting rendition of the Friends sitcom theme song, I’ll Be There For You.

“With the theme of we’re here for our citizens, we’re here to serve them.  We’re here to protect them and help them throughout the day, no matter what the situation may be,” Sgt. Rob Forster of the Sioux Falls Police Dept. said.

You don’t have to be a trained detective to spot some real talent.

“I think we’re a pretty talented group here.  I would put them eight out of ten,” Forster said.

But some of the dancing in the video might constitute a moving violation.

“There’s a couple of guys in there that could probably make a show of the dance part, we still need a lot of practice on the dancing, obviously,” Forster said.

The video is evidence that police aren’t just paying lip service to their commitment to the community.

“It kind of shows a side of us, just to let the community know that hey, we’re people too, sometimes their job may be difficult day-to-day and it’s just a chance for officers to have a little fun and give back and show that we do have this part about us,” Forster said.

You have the right to remain silent.  But it would be a crime to silence the Sioux Falls Police Department, where officers are on-the-beat and in-sync with the music. 

Sioux Falls Police are now challenging the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department and the South Dakota Highway Patrol to lip-sync their own videos.

To see the entire police video, click here

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