SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Years ago, a shooting in Sioux Falls was a rare thing, but it’s becoming a much more common event.

A recent uptick in crimes involving guns has police investigators busy in Sioux Falls.

Early Wednesday morning, Sioux Falls police rushed to a northeast Sioux Falls neighborhood for a report of a shooting. Officers found bullet holes in two apartment buildings.

Residents heard the shots, but no one was hurt.

“Officers found ten casings on the ground,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

Clemens says police are keenly aware of an increase in the use of guns.

“People are more willing to fire guns than what we’ve seen in the past, ” said Clemens.

Police don’t believe the two recent homicides in Sioux Falls are related, but they do have something in common. Both victims were shot to death.

The body of Paul Billion was found inside a home in the 1300 block of South Duluth Avenue on Friday. Investigators say bullets took Billion’s life either last Tuesday or Wednesday.

Detectives are also still looking for a suspect in Saturday morning’s killing of Tunis Lomax.

He was shot to death near East 26th Street and South Bahnson Avenue.

Sioux falls Police Chief Jon Thum says much of the gun violence appears to involve two types of criminals.

Those who have been in the criminal justice system repeatedly and younger offenders.

“Young people, young adults who are whatever reason have a different view of this type of violence as it is somehow acceptable, or it is somehow something that is commonplace like when were are talking this is not common, especially for Sioux Falls,” said Thum.

Chief Thum says there is no simple answer to stopping gun violence. Making sure people are held accountable is one step.

“I think a lot of times people say what are police going to do, well the reality is once the trigger is pulled it kind of too late,” said Thum.

Thum feels a focus on prevention programs, especially with younger people may be the next step.