SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s tear-down day at Dakotabilities in Sioux Falls as crews remove one of the playgrounds.

“A number of days we’ve been working on it this week,” Jennifer Hoesing said. “A generous crew of volunteers was out from Citibank earlier this week. The team has been working the last couple of days to de-install the equipment.”

But this equipment won’t be put into the trash. Instead, it’s heading to the Rosebud Reservation, where even more kids will find joy on each slide and jungle gym.

“We’re donating because this will create some more space for programs for the people that we support who are not able to use this equipment there are some barriers there,” Hoesing said.

Volunteers and DakotaAbilities staff members have been working since Tuesday to take down this equipment and donate it to the boys and girls club in Mission.

“We have new equipment commercial grade obviously and has a lot of years of use left we believe for people who could play there, so you see tunnels and slides and some jungle gym type equipment,” Hoesing said. “That’s coming down today all to go be used somewhere.”

“It’s ways that we give back, although it’s served its time here,” Nathan Stallinga said. “It will have a new life in a new place and the boys and girls club will benefit greatly from it.”

A partnership that will put smiles on more kids’ faces.

The playground left today for the Rosebud Reservation.

We’ve provided likes to both DakoAbilities and the Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud, if you would like to make a donation