SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A Sioux Falls restaurant is being recognized for its impact in the community. Earlier this month the Pizza Ranch on 41st Street received the Community Service Award from the South Dakota Retailers Association.

Students from All City Elementary spent last night volunteering at Pizza Ranch.

It’s all part of the restaurant’s weekly Community Impact Nights, which are done every Monday and Wednesday evening.

“It’s just a chance for groups to come in and help us bus some tables and exchange for their work from 5-8 we do give them 10% of our in-store sales and then they also put tip jars out, they get to keep 100% of their tips,” co-owner 41st Street Pizza Ranch, Michael Pharis said.

Last year, over 100 organizations, including church groups and sports teams, benefited from Community Impact Night.

“They get to talk to some people in their community, kind of tell them what they are raising money for, or explain what sports team they are with, things like that,” Pharis said.

The dollars raised at this event will have a big impact on All City Elementary and its students.

“The money goes to my school,” 5th grader, Eleanor Durr said. “For our trips and stuff.”

“Everything for All City, like art, that type of stuff is all fundraised, we have a play in March that we do, and all that money has to be fundraised also so being able to do this, where we get 10%, we did it in October I think and we raised $1,000, which is huge,” fundraising coordinator at All City Elementary, parent, Karina Dachtler said.

It’s something Pharis says is a win-win for everybody.

“We’ve been open here 13 plus years and always had strong sales here so just a way for us to give back to the community, to be part of the community that’s just always gave back to us as well,” Pharis said.

Pharis says fundraising events are popular at other Pizza Ranch restaurants too, not just the 41st Street location. If you’re an organization interested in a fundraising night, just give the restaurant a call to set up a date.