SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Drivers in Sioux Falls take note – according to a recent study, Sioux Falls is listed as the least safe city in the country to drive in.

According to MarketWatch Guide, that bad ranking has a lot to do with the number of DUI arrests.

When it comes to Sioux Falls, a lot of people will tell you there are bad drivers out there.

“Plenty of them,” Steven Santfleben said.

And for a lot of different reasons.

Don: What do they do: Steven: Cut you off, run red lights, just not paying attention,” Santfleben said.

We stopped by the Driver Exam Station today and got a handful of opinions as to what makes Sioux Falls driving unsafe.

“Right now you got all the 14 year olds coming in and getting their license I’m not really sure how I feel about them out there,” Ian VanWassenhove said.

But according to MarketWatch Guides’ latest article on the Most and Least Safe Cities for Drivers, they rank Sioux Falls number one.

Abby Drexler did some of the research.

Don: What did you find about Sioux Falls?
Abby: We found they had the highest rate in the country of DUI arrests 676 per 100 thousand people and Fargo, North Dakota came in second.

But it’s actually more than that. According to Sioux Falls Police records in 2019 there were 904 DUI’s, in 2020 – 862, 2021 – 870 and last year – 769.

Drexler says the high number of DUI’s not only makes Sioux Falls unsafe, but it also makes it an expensive place to insure your vehicle.

“I don’t think most people realize things like this do affect your insurance like where you live based on these factors does affect your rate,” Drexler said.

Plus, it’s costly to pay for an attorney, to pay your fine, and to get your license back.

“A lot of people don’t care to pay for a Lyft which I don’t understand why, it’s cheaper than a DUI,” VanWassenhove said.

Just within the last month, Sioux Falls police have made 48 DUI arrests.

To read the article for yourself, click here.