SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls nonprofit is making due the best it can after someone stole one of its vans.

“I saw that door broken open, and I thought, ‘Wow. What happened? How, why would anybody be so callous as to steal a van?'” Bread Break director Doug Dreke said.

Dreke says intruders broke in and left with one of Bread Break’s two vans.

“They found the key for the small van and stole the van,” Dreke said. “In the process, they found a backpack leaf blower, and they also found a seven-gallon can of gas that they took.”

The nonprofit still has another van which looks like the stolen one; the stolen van was a bit newer and a bit smaller. Bread Break from Messiah New Hope Lutheran Church in northeast Sioux Falls brings food from stores and restaurants to organizations like The Banquet and Bishop Dudley Hospitality House which distribute it to people in need.

“We provide the wheels between the donors to the recipients,” Bread Break volunteer Renae Eidenshink said.

Dreke and Eidenshink say the Sioux Falls Police Department is on the case. In the meantime, they’re left shaking their heads.

“It’s kind of like, you hear people talk about their house being broken into and they feel invaded,” Dreke said. “I feel invaded. I really do.”

“Appalled … the mission is to feed people,” Eidenshink said. “We are helping those that may need food for the week or the day.”

And for now, volunteers will have to use their own personal vehicles for this ministry.

“They will have to do that until we can come up with some resources for another van, and as a nonprofit ministry our resources are very limited,” Eidenshink said.

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