SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A KELOLAND native is pursuing her dream of making it big in Nashville from right here in Sioux Falls.

As a young girl, Danica Michaels knew she wanted to be a singer.

With a dream in mind and the motivation to get there, the Sioux Falls native has been pursuing a career with a big end goal.

“Nashville is the goal. It’s always the goal is to get to Nashville. So, however the path goes, I definitely would like to land in Nashville someday,” Michaels said.

Her love for country music comes from her dad, and her songwriting skills stem from real life experiences.

“I absolutely grew up on country music. Love it, love that I can talk about my heart. I can talk about my life. I can talk about how I grew up,” Michaels said.

Her new single ‘Dodged a Bullet’ will be released this Friday — a song written from the heart, after a heartbreak.

“I never knew I could write the way that I did when I wrote ‘Dodged a Bullet’. Just, I came out of a breakup and my emotions were high and I literally locked myself in my room for probably a week or two. And I wrote probably a hundred songs just because I was so emotionally just sad, but I knew from such a, you know, a hard time that I was going through at that time, I knew good could come out of it,” Michaels said.

And this weekend she’ll be performing in front of her biggest audience yet at the Levitt at the Falls in downtown Sioux Falls.

As she finds success in the country music world, Michaels says performing in her hometown is the best part.

“I mean, it’s pretty surreal. I’ve been working hard at this dream for many, many years and to actually see everything come to life. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, but I’ve felt prepared for this moment ever since I can remember,” Michaels said.

Danica Michaels will perform at the Levitt at the Falls on Saturday night at 6 p.m.