SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Singer, actress, and voice coach Amy Morrison passed away at 51 after a 10-year battle with cancer. With a beautiful voice, she shared her talent and knowledge with others, teaching voice lessons in Mitchell and Sioux Falls. But it was at the theater where Amy Morrison’s friends at the Good Night Theater Collective say her talent was most evident. She was in one word…

“Bubbly,” said Lisa Barlow-Kutter.

“Vivacious,” said Debbie Jones.

“Love,” said Emily Wilson.

“Amy was Effervescent,” said Brittany Hanson.

“Fullness, Amy lived such a full life,” said Rebecca Merriman.

“My one word would be radiant,” said Bob Wendland.

We asked two friends to show up. We got six, some in Amy’s favorite polka dots. That in itself shows the impact she had on people.

“There was just an endless amount of love in her,” said Emily Wilson. “And she gave it so freely to everyone around her. And any time you were with her, she made you feel so special. She was always there in the front row, always cheering you on. She just came to everything that everyone was in, and she just loved on you in such a way that was so beautiful and effortless too.”

“She was positive in any situation, especially hers, which is what I think kept her going so long, and we are going to miss that so much,” said Lisa Barlow-Kutter.

“Even when she wasn’t directly involved in a production in Sioux Falls, you could have found anybody in the cast that was influenced. It’s almost like the 7 degrees of separation. Amy was Sioux Falls Theater’s 7 degrees of separation. She was involved in every production in some way, said Bob Wendland.

Her theater family posted a video tribute on the Good Night Facebook page.

Amy Morrison leaves behind a legacy of talent, energy, and kindness. She was a wife and mother of two. A Celebration of Life Service will be held at Central Church in Sioux Falls on Friday morning at 10:30.

You can read Amy’s obituary here.