SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Tuesday night, the Sioux Falls City Council reconsidered last week’s mask mandate.

The proposed mask mandate in Sioux Falls passed by a 6-2 count on Tuesday night. There is no penalty for failing to comply.

Tuesday’s city council meet ran into early Wednesday morning and lasted more than five hours.

Last week, a proposed mask mandate in Sioux Falls was rejected by a 5-4 count. Mayor TenHaken says the situation has changed since the vote last week.

“Nobody has to enforce it. The City isn’t going to enforce it, the police are going to enforce it. You know who’s going to be stuck enforcing it? Businesses, which they can already do that if they want to. And we’re going to have people basically sniping at each other,” Sioux Falls city councilor Greg Nietzert said.

The South Dakota Medical Association said Tuesday it would support a mask mandate. Also, one of the city’s two health care partners has said it supports a mask mandate, TenHaken said.

TenHaken said Tuesday and during the Nov. 10 council meeting that he takes direction from health care providers and they were not asking for a mask mandate when the proposal was first voted on. Since that has changed, he is more inclined to support the mask mandate today, TenHaken said.