SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls City Planning Department will be hosting an open house on the new bike and pedestrian plans this week.

The bike and pedestrian plans for Sioux Falls are coming up and Sioux Falls Senior Planner Sam Trebilcock is ready to discuss them with the public.

“Both plans are really plans to help provide a direction for future projects and design standards and education,” Trebilcock said.

Sioux Falls has done previous work for bike and pedestrian paths, and continue to add more.

“We’re doing things like the bicycle boulevards. They prioritize the streets for both bicyclists and the pedestrians,” Trebilcock said.

Chad Picard, owner of Spoke-N-Sport as well as an avid bike rider, says he wants the paths to be safer for families.

“If we can create cycling infrastructure that is safe for a parent with a child, then we’re succeeding in creating a safe community,” Picard said.

He also wants more bike and walking paths around the city in general for everyone to use.

“I can ride my bike, I can be part of the solution, I can be one less car on the road, I can leave a smaller carbon footprint, I can be healthier, I can bike to work and that activity is going to stimulate my brain on my way to work and when I’m ready to work I’m efficient all day,” Picard said.

“We want as many people that are interested to come out and provide comments. If they’re not able to come out, you know, certainly it’s on the website. You can provide comments after or before, but we want people to come out and let us know what they think,” Trebilcock said.

The open house for both plans will at the Downtown Library this Thursday evening from 4 to 6pm.