SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A slow start to spring means the race is on to plant gardens across KELOLAND.

Landscape Garden Centers in Sioux Falls opened April 1st, with people doing more browsing than buying due to the snow and cold. That’s no longer the case.

“This is just awesome to actually have your parking lot filled up with so many cars that have people that are just itching and craving for spring,” Landscape Garden Centers owner Erik Helland said.

Owner Erik Helland says the weather has actually been working in our favor in recent weeks.

“The nice thing about this spring so far, it’s been gradual. We had a gradual thaw, now we’re having a gradual warm-up, so it’s really helping things acclimate,” Helland said.

“Carts are going out pretty full, no one’s really leaving empty handed which is a great thing to see,” Garden Center Manager Laura Kalfs said.

Garden Center Manager Laura Kalfs says LGC hasn’t had trouble keeping its greenhouse full.

“A lot of our product we actually order already last year for this year, so trucks are arriving every day. In fact, multiple trucks a day,” Kalfs said.

“I am trying to plant a garden, two gardens, an herb garden and a vegetable garden,” Harrisburg resident Joleen Bos said.

Joleen Bos says it’s the first time she’s planted with a plan, though she always waits until Mother’s Day.

“Chance of the weather freezing and stuff like that is wait until then, but now that it is nice, yeah I am anxious (laugh),” Bos said.

And you can’t have too many flowers, as Kalfs says Mother’s Day is the busiest weekend of the year.

“A lot of people have traditions of going out shopping with their moms on Mother’s Day weekend for hanging baskets and geraniums, petunias, all of the fun annuals, so we’re expecting another big, busy weekend,” Kalfs said.

Helland says the most common question this spring hasn’t been about plants or gardens but about trees and shrubs damaged by rabbits during the long winter.