SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls couple is in the Minnehaha County jail tonight facing more than a dozen felony charges, accused of giving meth and pot to children in their home and using electric cattle prods on them.

The Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office says Lance and Crystallynn Long face 14 counts, which include aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, abuse or cruelty to a minor, and distributing marijuana and a controlled substance to a minor.

Both made their first court appearance Thursday afternoon.

According to court papers, the accusations against Lance and Crystallyn Long are long and disturbing.

“Had been giving several children in the household meth and using a hot-shot cattle prod to get the children to obey commands or if they weren’t listening they’d get zapped by this hot-shot cattle prod,” Captain Josh Phillips with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s office.

According to court papers, it happened more than once.

“A majority of all the children living inside that residence said that had been used on them numerous times for the last three or four years,” Phillips said.

One of the children told investigators that Lance had moved into their house when they lived in Isabel, South Dakota and reportedly began physically abusing her three months after he moved in.

She says Lance physically abused her and her siblings constantly and would intimidate them into doing whatever he wanted.

She also told investigators he began raping her when she was 14 years old and he allegedly forced her to have sex with him at least 150 times.

She says Lance would use the cattle prod on her, hit her, and tie a dog collar around her thigh and shock her with it if she refused to have sex with him.

Another child told police that when he was seven, Lance would hit him with the hot-shot and that he had hot-shocked him multiple times over the last few years.

The investigation into these incidents started last month after someone in the house made a report to police.

The Long’s were arrested in Oklahoma and brought back to Sioux Falls yesterday. Lance remains in jail tonight on $50,000 cash only bond.