SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There’s an increased demand for gym space during the holiday season.

“People love coming in, individuals of all ages from our walking program in the morning to our playgroup program that you’ll see here with little kids and families, to our open rec program of all ages. They love it, it’s free, it’s accessible, we have five locations throughout the city so it’s a great opportunity for them during the winter months,” Recreation Program Coordinator Chad Quissell said.

“If I didn’t have this, I don’t know what I’d do (laugh),” Sioux Falls walker Deb Johnson said.

With morning temperatures hovering near zero, Deb Johnson, who’s diabetic, is turning laps inside the gym. She’s working to stay healthy by walking four miles per day.

“I love being with Diane every day, we’re go-getters, every day we come (laugh), so it’s awesome,” Johnson said.

The activities at Morningside Community Center extend beyond the gym.

“They can shoot hoops, run around, burn some energy but we also have a game room and a computer lab where’s there’s games and activities and different things to have fun as well, more than just the gym,” Quissell said.

If you’re willing to step outside and brave the elements, the city’s six outdoor ice rinks are officially open for business.

“People are outside and so that’s why we try to get them open during holiday break, sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t, but we’re going to do it today,” Recreation Program Coordinator Scott Juhnke said.

Providing entertainment options both indoors and out.

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