Sioux Falls City Ordinance Prohibits Blowing Snow Into Streets

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People in KELOLAND are preparing to dig out again with another round of wintry weather coming our way this weekend.   Sioux Falls residents might be tempted to blow that snow into the street.  But that’s a snow-removal technique the City frowns upon. 

That’s because a city ordinance prohibits blowing or pushing snow into the street, both before and after the street has been plowed.  And the city has been fielding complaints this week of people violating the ordinance.

Richard Rose picked a good winter to break-in his new snow blower.

“It really works good.  Yeah.  It beats shoveling,” Rose said.

Rose says he’s very careful about not blowing the snow at the end of his driveway into the street.

“I never blow it in the street.  I blow it either side of my driveway,” Rose said.

City streets are off-limits to the snow on your driveway.  

“So at the end of your driveway, instead of blowing it out into the street, put it in the boulevard,” City of Sioux Falls Development Services Manager Matt Tobias said.

Of course, a lot of boulevards are getting too tall with snow.  That means you’re going to have to aim higher the next time you’re out snow blowing.

“You just put the chute up a little higher and blow it a little further to the side, yeah,” Rose said.

Violators can expect a warning from the city.  But with all the snow we’ve received this winter, a little spillover into the street is forgivable.

“We understand that you’re going to get, when you’re clearing out the ends there will be a little bit of snow that goes out in the street.  But we can’t have people pushing all of the snow directly in the street and letting us take care of it,”  Tobias said.

The City also wants you to do the neighborly thing and not blow your snow next-door.

“Try not to create any problems and blow your snow on your neighbor’s driveway, we try to stay away from that,” Tobias said.

“Good neighbors are good things to have,” Rose said.

Call 605-978-6900 to report someone blowing snow into the street.

To read the city’s snow disposal ordinance, click here.

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