SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls brewery is among the first-time entries in this year’s Downtown Burger Battle.

A record number of businesses are participating in the ninth annual Downtown Burger Battle.

“We wanted to challenge our chefs, let’s do something beer focused but still would be a really good entry to the Burger Battle,” Remedy Brewing Company Co-Founder Tyler Jepperson said.

Remedy Brewing Company is a newcomer to the competition, creating quite a buzz with the Queen Bee burger.

“Little bit savory from the caramelized onions that uses Queen Bee to a little bit sweet with the honey mustard, also using Queen Bee on a nice savory patty with some swiss cheese,” Jepperson said.

The not-so-secret ingredient? Remedy’s Queen Bee Cream Ale.

“Using that beer kind of reduces down nice where you retain that subtle sweetness, but nice and clean so it’s easy to cook with that savory side if you pair it with that sweet side of things,” Jepperson said.

“Great food, just like beer, is about balance. You need those sorts of things. You’ve got to have salty, you’ve got to have a little bit of sweet, you need the acid, you need some fat as well,” Remedy Lead Brewer Tyler Wasberg said.

Earlier this month, Remedy started the weekend with enough provisions to make 500 burgers. By the close of business Saturday, that number had dwindled to nine.

“That’s a great problem to have, right? We based our initial orders off talking to some of the other participants last year and ok, new entry, we’re a brewery first, we don’t necessarily have the full kitchen that some of the other chefs do, but what they’re able to do with that and then the reputation we built we’re actually seeing our daily average number of burgers go up,” Jepperson said.

“Fun thing for us to not only participate in the Burger Battle, but have a really good burger, too. I love the thing, it’s great,” Wasberg said.

January is typically one of Remedy’s slowest months, but Jepperson compares this January to a July when it comes to business, thanks to the Burger Battle.