SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A Sioux Falls bank is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas in a unique way. It’s hoping to brighten someone’s day and also support local businesses.

The Christmas spirit is in full swing at Plains Commerce Bank.

To help spread some of that holiday cheer, they’re randomly hiding a $50 bill at different businesses around town.

“They don’t have to do anything particular with the money, it’s their money to keep, they can pay it forward, we love it if they pay it forward, we’d love it if they spent that money at the establishment, there’s no rules on it,” senior mortgage banker, Plains Commerce Bank, Kevin Carlson said.

Each morning during the 12 days, a picture is posted on social media of where the money is located.

“Some of the businesses are clients that we work with, others are businesses we like, there’s no rhyme or reason,” Carlson said.

Oh My Cupcakes! at 57th and Western was one of the businesses the money was placed at earlier this week.

“It was found pretty quickly, the recipient was obviously so happy, who doesn’t want an extra $50 especially this time of year,” founder/CEO Oh My Cupcakes, Melissa Johnson said.

Johnson says it’s a great way to highlight local businesses in town.

“They decided to work with local businesses like ours, through the pandemic last year, certainly people changed their shopping habits, and it’s easy to shop online, it takes effort to come shop at a local business and so the fact they are supporting us really means so much,” Johnson said.

And put a smile on someone’s face.

“If all we do today is brighten somebody’s day, cool. But you never know, you might put somebody in a position where they needed that $50, and if we can help somebody out, we’re all about doing that,” Carlson said.

The 12 days wrap up on December 23rd. You can find a link to the Facebook page here.