SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls author had her dreams come true last week as she attended the movie premier for her book that just released as a new movie, Wait With Me.

“I think a lot of authors dream of having movies made but it’s just one of those pipe dreams that you think will never happen,” author Amy Daws said.

For Sioux Falls author, Amy Daws, her dream came true late last year when she was on a movie set watching the characters she created come to life.

“I’m still in in this pinch me mode,” Daws said. “I saw my movie being made and I sat and watched it on the big screen. If this is dreaming I don’t want to wake up yet.”

Her big premier was last week in Denver before her book turned movie Wait With Me released on the streaming service Passionflix March 30th.

“It’s a monthly subscription program you can download on your streaming devices or smart TV,” Daws said. “Passionflix is unique, they’re very dedicated to keeping the movie like the book.”

“You actually went back to the Tire Depot?” an actress said in a trailer for the movie.

While she called it the Tire Depot in her book, Daws actually wrote Wait With Me in the customer care center at Tires Tires Tires and based a lot of her book on her experiences at the Sioux Falls tire shop.

“I started sneaking in to write and the whole thing blew up on social media,” Daws said.

You can find many of those social media famous moments from the book also in the movie, moments both Daws and her fans were thrilled to see come alive on the big screen.

“When I got to the theater in Denver and could hear everyone’s reaction, I was so excited about it, it was incredible,” Daws said.

She brought plenty of her South Dakota friends and family with to the big Denver premier last week, but she’ll be hosting her own private premier in her hometown later this month.

“I thought how fun it would be to host a local event here at the State Theater in downtown Sioux Falls because it’s such a cool venue and honestly I’m not done celebrating this great achievement in my career,” Daws said.

Daws says Wait With Me is the first book in a series and is hopeful this won’t be the last of her novels to make it to the big screen.

You can watch Wait With Me right now with the streaming service Passionflix.