Sioux Falls Animal Control has taken 626 bat calls this year

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This next story might just drive you a little bit batty.

Sioux Falls Animal Control has taken a number of complaints this year about bats in homes, well over 600.

Because of that high volume, it’s decided to change when its going to respond and send officers out to the calls.

They fly….they hang……and more than likely they creep you out.

“A lot of people don’t realize how many bat calls we respond to every year,” Julie DeJong Animal Control Supervisor said.

Julie DeJong of animal control says bats are more of a nuisance than they are a danger.

“Generally a bat in your home is not an emergency and it’s not a huge priority, because it’s basically just like a mouse, that’s in your house,” DeJong said.

Animal control has taken well over 600 calls this year, but will no longer respond to those calls after hours.

It’s now going to classify those calls into two different categories, priority and non-priority.

“If somebody does have a bat in their house in the middle of the night we are going to request, if there’s been no contact or nobody has been bitten or it’s a situation where the bat is with somebody who has been sleeping, we will just schedule that for the next day and follow up the next day as officers come in in the morning,” DeJong said.

But if it’s a priority call where someone has been bitten, on call officers will respond immediately.

If you should find a bat in your house and there’s been no exposure, this is what DeJong suggests you do.

“The best thing you can do, if you know there’s been no contact with a pet or human, is close the door to that room, lock it in there and open any kind of window or door that you can that’s in that room before you leave, that way the animal will try and leave and escape on its own, it’s going to want to go outside and feed,” DeJong said.

You may not like bats, but they do serve a great purpose. They eat up to 4,000 mosquitoes in one night.

Sioux Falls Animal Control says of the 600 plus calls they’ve taken this year, they only had to remove 74 of them.

Of those 74, only two tested positive for rabies.

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