SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Last week, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation that bans kids and teens from gender-affirming care and using bathrooms of the gender they identify as.

In Sioux City, community members and Siouxland Pride Alliance held a vigil in opposition to the anti-trans legislation signed into law by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

The event was a way of supporting and healing.

Members of the local trans community and many in the congregation came up to speak about their story and how these laws affect their family.

“She’s just presenting as her prepubescent self, going to the little girls room because that’s where little girls go to the bathroom and now, because of the act of our legislature and the cowardice of our Governor, that child is in danger. We have children all over the state in danger. And that is unconscionable,” Karen Mackey with Siouxland Pride Alliance said.

Governor Reynolds said she met with transgender students and their families before she signed the bill into law.