SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sioux Falls Police and other local law enforcement agencies made the holidays a little brighter for some kids and their families during “Shop with a Cop” Thursday night.

Sioux Falls Police, Lutheran Social Services and Walmart on South Minnesota Avenue teamed up for Thursday’s event. It was the third of four that’s been put on at different locations this year.

Kids, their families and law enforcement officers got together to pick out some of their favorite gifts.

Organizer, Officer Kyle Johnson, says it’s something they really look forward to every year.

“It’s a time where officers can actually get to know the kid, and the kid to get to know an officer. Not very often do you get to interact with an officer like that, right. Normally they’re on a call and some type of call for service and maybe something bad happened, right. This isn’t something, anything negative. This is something that is a positive experience, and get to know them at a personal level,” Johnson said.

Johnson says Walmart funded this event.

“There’s a monetary value amount that the kids can pick out from, and then they go over there and they check out and they get their gifts wrapped. The officers help them pick out the items, obviously. And then we hang out and take a group photo, and that’s pretty much the night,” Johnson said.

10 kids took part tonight, as well as officers from the Sioux Falls and Tea Police Departments, Sioux Falls Animal Control and the Lincoln and Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Offices.

Matthew was there picking a plush toy with his dad Robert Fritz.

“Matthew is deaf, blind and uses a cane and is nonverbal. So for him, getting out and shopping can be difficult at times. He’s pretty excited today though,” Robert said.

Fritz says this is great, positive exposure to police officers for Matthew.

“Give him a chance to a interact with some of the people that probably are little scary to him when he meets them. And you know, they wear different clothes and they just look a little different than the average person. We thought it would be a good experience to see them and interact with them,” Robert said.

And all involved are thankful for Walmart, Lutheran Social Services and police for making the event happen.

“It’s been good. Matt’s enjoyed himself, absolutely,” Robert said.

They will have one more “Shop with a Cop” event next week in Sioux Falls. Brookings Police will also host a similar event Wednesday night.