SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Since the pandemic started, more people have been eating at home. For those looking to freshen up their cooking skills, Plum’s Cooking Company may be a good start.

When it comes to cooking, Cathy Carmody is no stranger to whipping up a good meal.
Her passion comes from generations of home cooking.

“My family is really game for trying new things and my grandmother was a fantastic cook and I’ve always loved cooking, making bread, desserts, and I’m not great on cookies. My family would tell you I don’t make great cookies,” Carmody said.

Cookies aside, Carmody says most other dishes turn out well and even more so, are fun to make.
That’s why she decided to attend a cooking class at Plum’s Cooking Company about 3 years ago.

“There’s always a new recipe, a new skill, a new ingredient. And the comradery, the people at Plums have become my friends,” Carmody said.

Christin Majerus says classes are hosted every month, oftentimes with a different theme.

“So whether it’s Asian inspired or, an Indian cuisine, or we do date nights where we maybe do a German date night, or we might do an Italian date night,” Majerus said.

Classes are recommended for adults although teens passionate about cooking can attend as long as they’re accompanied by a parent.

Though classes are nearly always booked full now, COVID did temporarily cause the store to shut down.

“I went into cooking withdrawal. I, we did stay away for quite a while. And when we came back, we were delighted and that there were spaces at the bar and people were distanced,” Carmody said.

“We’ve implemented social distancing, masks. Our staff has been amazing with making sure everything is clean and sanitary and safe for our guests as well,” Majerus said.

Allowing guests to attend classes knowing safety is a priority, and that any level of chef is welcome.

“You can definitely learn a lot. You get the recipes that you can take home and implement, the chefs that we hire here are amazing,” Marjerus said.

Classes are offered two to three times per week, and are announced at the beginning of every month. Majerus says classes fill up fast. To sign up, click here.