SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The Scholastic Book Fair is an exciting time for elementary students looking for some new stories to read.

At Robert Frost Elementary School, students are sharing that excitement with another Sioux Falls school that doesn’t get the chance to have a Scholastic Book Fair.

Whether it’s fantasy, comic or non-fiction, books have the power to shape the minds of young students no matter the genre.

“I like how there’s a bunch of different books to read,” third grader Mackenzie said.

And students at Robert Frost Elementary School worked to give that power of a novel to other students during the Spring Scholastic Book Fair.

“On our last book fair, it’s a buy one get one free every spring. So we raise funds the week before the fair and then invite the Hawthorne school librarian to come and shop our BOGO book fair, taking advantage of that great offer,” Jennifer Stensaas, the Robert Frost Challenge Center PTO President, said.

Students raised funds by taking home plastic bags to their families to fill with coins. This year, they collected over $2,300.

“We’ve always been blessed to be a family at the Robert Frost Challenge Center School and it’s just nice to see the community support for not only our students, but also for another school that doesn’t have a PTO there to do a scholastic book fair like we have here,” Stensaas said.

From Minecraft to Clifford and Bluey, the Hawthorne Elementary School librarian will be able to pick out a variety of topics with those funds at the scholastic book fair.

“I just like that everybody, I want everybody to have a book to be able to read,” Mackenzie said.

Stensaas says typically Robert Frost students raise five to six hundred dollars.