SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Jeff Gould is a storyteller.

The Sioux Falls man and others are on a mission to remind people about our nation’s story and what Americans have inherited.

“We get fairness from George Washington, so I talk about him. You do get dreaming from Thomas Jefferson. I talk about him. I then talk about how the dreaming grew and expanded beyond Thomas Jefferson to famous people like Martin Luther King, but also guys you see walking down the street who speak with a foreign accent. Those are people who moved here to pursue the American dream,” Gould said.

In July, Gould performed the show he wrote at Mount Rushmore.

Filmmaker Collin McKenzie captured the performance on camera.

“Some of the things I heard Jeff say, I didn’t remember. I’m sure I had it in history class, high school, elementary school, and probably college, but you tend to forget some of the basic elementary pieces of America’s story. It was really nice to hear that again and say, ‘Oh, that’s how that went,'” McKenzie said.

Gould hopes his message spreads across the nation through video and other performances.

He wants to bring America’s Story to all 50 states before the country’s 250th birthday in 2026.

“The goal is simple, although difficult. I just want to tell 330 million people their story so they can enjoy the American experiment,” Gould said.

Fundraising is underway now to make it happen.

“To be able to help fund to take us to schools, universities, fairs, festivals, any organization that would like us to come into their place,” co-producer Bob Uecker said.

With each stop, Gould hopes to inspire people to do what they can to make America a great story for future generations.

“I have looked myself in the mirror and thought, ‘Who are you? What can you possibly do?’ Well, I don’t know what I can do, but if I don’t try, I’m failing my heritage. I’m failing my gifts,” Gould said.

If you’d like to donate to the America’s Story non-profit or schedule a performance, use the contact information on Gould’s website.