SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With the Sioux Falls area seeing two major fires over the weekend including one that destroyed a home in Harrisburg and another that left a person dead in Sioux Falls, it serves as a good reminder to make sure to clear fire hydrants of any snow or ice so crews can work quickly — potentially saving a life.

With as much snow as we have received this winter, it may seem like you’re never done shoveling. And it’s not just sidewalks and your driveway you should worry about.

“We ask if you could just dig out from the curb back to the fire hydrant, and then a three-foot radius around the fire hydrant just to allow us space to work and to attach the hose,” SFFR firefighter Jack Claussen said.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue posted video on social media earlier this month showing crews digging out a hydrant.

“It can be up to minutes depending on if it’s just a fresh snow or if it’s snow that’s been plowed over and hardened and now we got to dig through it and it’s ice. Those freeze-thaw cycles really can have an effect on that and how quickly we can get to it, so it’s really dependent on the snow pack and how much is there,” SFFR firefighter Jeff Weixel said.

“When we arrive on scene, we can hook up the hose quicker and have a water supply. But also resources, when there’s as much snow we’ve had right now, it could take multiple crew members in order to do it efficiently, and those resources could be used other places on the scene to extinguish the fire,” Claussen said.

And these firefighters want to remind everyone that fires can happen anywhere at anytime.

“Don’t ever think that it’s not going to happen in your neighborhood, because it’s definitely a possibility that it could. And the fire hydrants are there for a purpose. We need them. You know, we carry 500 gallons on the truck, but that doesn’t last us very long, and it’s definitely not enough to put out the fire completely, so it’s definitely a resource that we need,” Claussen said.

A resource that you can help them access.

They’re also asking people to keep an eye on fire hydrants around where you live and to help neighbors dig them out if you are able.