SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With snow on the way, the city of Sioux Falls is getting ready for winter weather to hit the streets.

Dustin Hansen works closely with the snow removal process and knows what it takes to prepare the roads. Although the Sioux Falls snow removal crew is ready to go, you likely won’t see them out this weekend.

“If it’s a light dusting of snow, you know, with the ground temps, we probably won’t do too much because hopefully, you know what the warmer temps will melt that,” said Hansen, street operations manager for the city of Sioux Falls.

Last season the city used about 12,000 tons of salt on the roads which they collect and store all year round.

“Salt, which is our primary de-icing material, in snow events that we’re acquiring all year round. We’ll fill three of our domes up throughout the year. We are completely full right now, but we know that once winter starts that’ll start to diminish,” said Hansen.

With massive operations like snow removal, it can take about 300 staff members to get the job done.

“We just always plan for as much snow as they can on a typical year. It’s anywhere from 40 to 50 inches last year, I think we had over 70 But we typically plan for that 40 to 50 You know it’s about five or six events a year,” said Hansen.

However, if this year is anything like last winter, they know what to do.
“If we get more, we’re prepared. We’re not going to you know plan for you know Snowmageddon every single year we just just can’t,” said Hansen.

As the snow starts falling, Hasen reminds drivers to slow down.

“Our equipment is going to have flashing lights on and if it is, just keep your distance, try to keep 50 feet 100 feet from that,” said Hasen.

The city of Sioux Falls also has a texting service that alerts when plows are out.
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