SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Medical equipment can be expensive. However, one non-profit in Sioux Falls just opened a medical lending library hoping to make an impact in the community.

Eleanor Turner knows firsthand how expensive medical equipment can be. Her son needed constant medical attention before he passed away two years ago. During that time, they used a medical lending library in Wisconsin to get the equipment they needed.

“Owen had both private insurance and Medicaid insurance because of his disabilities, but there’s only so much to go around,” Eleanor Turner, president of The Legacy Foundation. “So we would use this lending library to kind of bridge those gaps.”

It’s why she opened Owen’s Outfitters in Sioux Falls. From smaller items like band-aids to larger items like full hospital beds, everything is free of charge.

“There is no pricing we are completely free. So we welcome donations. We’re a non-profit. So we really appreciate everything that people want to give us,” said Turner.

Donna Arens, a first-time shopper, came to get items for someone who uses a wheelchair.

“So it’s always tough to find supplies or whatever for him or even just useful things so that he can still stay in his home. So this is a huge plus to see that this has come to the community,” said Arens.

Owen’s Outfitters is still in the early stages and they need volunteers.

“Right now. We’re kind of stressed on that. So everything is kind of done by appointment. And we’d love to be able to have this open Monday through Friday, eight to five,” said Tyler Hill, a volunteer.

They hope to eventually outgrow this location and give back to the community like others did for her son.

“Everything is bright pink because that was his favorite color and it’s great because I get to talk about him all the time. And keep his memory alive, serve our community, meet new people and help them just like people helped us in Wisconsin,” said Turner.

One item they hope to get is a U-Haul or larger vehicle to help deliver equipment.

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