SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls Neighborhood Soccer League hosted its first youth soccer tournament at Sanford Crossing in Sioux Falls Saturday.

Randell Beck with Neighborhood Soccer says the organization began a year ago with the goal of providing a free soccer program to students.

“This event is sort of the culmination — this citywide tournament — of our efforts to bring all those individual leagues together for one joyous day on these amazing fields out here,” said Randell Beck, Neighborhood Soccer.

There are over 500 students across the 6 school leagues: Lowell, Terry Redlin, Hayward, Laura B. Anderson, Garfield, and Cleveland Elementary Schools.

“It’s truly a neighborhood event, we have seen so much joy from the kids,” Beck said.

350 of those students gathered for the first annual Festival of Champions tournament.

“It’s community building and it’s also letting people know that the city of Sioux Falls wants to see everybody included and given an opportunity,” said Jerome Payton, coach.

Students in the program are excited to play in this tournament.

“I get to pass to my teammates and just have a good game and have a great time,” said Mugisha John, 3rd grader from Lowell Elementary.

“It makes me feel calm and ready to go and ready to win this game,” said Danica Goss, 4th grader from Lowell Elementary.

Laura B. Anderson was the winner of this year’s tournament.

Over 30 businesses and 12 churches across Sioux Falls volunteered time and donations to make this program free to the student players.