SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –If you received a letter from the city of Sioux Falls reminding you to trim your trees, you are not alone.

This year “project trim” is focused on the northwest part of the city.
But no matter where you live, it’s important to make sure your trees and bushes aren’t creating a hazard.

“With project trim it is 12 feet over arterial streets, it is 10 feet clearance over the sidewalk and 16 feet over collector streets.”

If you’re not sure which category you street falls under, there’s an interactive map where you can find out.
We’ve posted a link for you on

Tree removal crews had a busy winter in Sioux Falls, cutting down ash trees to stop Emerald Ash Borers from spreading.

Now that the snow is melted and the boulevards are clear, crews are turning their attention to removing stumps. The work needs to be done before Memorial Day. Crews won’t be able to start removing trees again after Labor Day.

“Those trees have a blue number three spray painted on the street facing side of the tree.”
The city will also reach out to homeowners who’s trees will be cut down.

To give you an idea of just how big of an undertaking this is… when the Emerald Ash Borers were first detected in the city in 2018, 40-percent of trees parked along Sioux Falls streets were ash trees.