SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There were 14 requests on the Sioux Falls City Council docket Tuesday night regarding the addition of more video lottery machines at five different establishments in Sioux Falls. It’s been a continuous discussion among the council.

Of the 14 total requests, nine passed and five failed. Essentially, the council decided not to approve any more than two licenses for each establishment.

A few of the businesses applied for three or four licenses per different “suites” in order to have 30 or 40-machine casinos (10 per suite). But after Tuesday night’s vote, they can only have 20 machines total.

It’s an issue councilors have been looking at for awhile, and there are plans to come up with new guidelines. As for tonight, they had to decide how to handle the requests based on current rules.

Councilor Greg Neitzert is not in support of approving video lottery requests unless it meets certain criteria. He references SD Codified Laws 42-7A-64 (3) and 42-7A-37.1.

“My lean would be not to be supporting unless you can demonstrate that it meets requirements of state law that it’s a bar or lounge,” he said.

Three of the establishments are defined by the applicant, Vikash Patel, as a bar/casino. He says he wants more machines to have a variety for patrons.

“I’ve seen quite a few [40 and 50-machine casinos] approved in the past, so if you want to be fair, then I think 30 or 40 should be the number,” he said.

Patel adds that it’s no different than what some establishments have already done.

“What I’m trying to say is, I’m following the same suit as everyone else. I’m not reinventing anything here, or I’m not reinventing any literature. So with all due respect, it’s suite 102, 103 and 101,” Patel said.

Councilor Curt Soehl was in favor of allowing all requests for video lottery.

“I think that these are the rules that the applicant is following. We should allow them to apply for all four of the licenses. If weeks down the road we change the rules, that’s a different story, but as it stands today, we do have the ability to approve all four of these,” he said.

Each applicant was approved no more than two licenses per establishment.

“I would posit that none of these meet the criteria of a bar or lounge, so if I say that you’re allowed two but not four, then I’m saying that you can shoplift $200 but not $400. I don’t think that’s probably the way to go,” Neitzert said.

According to council members, there are currently 186 video lottery licenses in Sioux Falls.

A new ordinance capping the amount of lottery machines in the city, as well as making changes to a 2019 ordinance will be part of discussion moving forward.

“For example, Rapid City, Watertown, Aberdeen, Yankton, all of them have caps on the number of video lottery facilities that they have, and I think it’s something that we need to consider here in Sioux Falls,” council member Sarah Cole said.

“There needs to be consensus on what are the ground rules? Are we going to allow it at all? Are we going to allow a 20-machine casino? I mean, what’s the rule going to be going forward?” Neitzert said.

New guidelines are expected to come forward from council members in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to see the full November 1 city council meeting, you can watch it and view the agenda here.