SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls City Council has decided to defer a decision about adding video lottery machines to four suites at the same location. The four suites in question are all at 6010 South Cliff Ave. South Dakota codified law says that there can’t be more than 10 video lottery machines at a licensed establishment. But that doesn’t mean there can only be 10 at one location.

The Sioux Falls City Council had already deferred the request from August 16, when councilor Greg Neitzert wondered where the limit is.

“We have to decide at what point are we going to say that it’s no longer suitable,” Neitzert said on August 16. “Is it 40, 50, 60?”

City attorney Stacy Kooistra laid out the applicant’s wishes Tuesday night.

“The applicant is actually requesting that these matters be deferred to the meeting of September 20th,” Kooistra said.

“I think an important issue has been identified over the last couple of weeks regarding the alcohol license, video lottery issue,” city councilor Rich Merkouris said.

Jamie Palmer, licensing specialist with the city attorney’s office, explains that if there are different suites, there could be more than 10 in one location. The council obliged the applicant’s wishes on Tuesday night, with Merkouris seeking additional research.

“I’ll support the deferral tonight but would request that we investigate this issue a little bit further in a committee setting,” Merkouris said.