SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls City Council has decided to pay for “a public health education campaign” to help people take steps to protect themselves from COVID-19, and the process was accelerated at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

On Jan. 5 the City Council passed an ordinance to spend $100,000 on a campaign. Councilor Janet Brekke talked at that meeting about how it’s key to have what she called “a solid and strong messaging plan” on the vaccine. The ordinance to spend the $100,000 on a campaign was reconsidered on Jan. 12, and it also got an update.

“Councilor Brekke, do you want to introduce that amendment?” Mayor Paul TenHaken said.

“Yes, thank you, mayor,” Brekke said. “The amendment is simply an emergency clause that we’ve been adding on these ordinances that are … we’re utilizing during this crisis and taking advantage of the opportunity to have them become effective immediately.”

Attending the meeting virtually, Brekke said an error had been made.

“It was brought to my attention after we passed the ordinance on second reading last week that the finance director discovered that we had forgot to put the emergency clause in,” Brekke said. “And I will take responsibility for that.”

Now, there doesn’t need to be a month-long wait.

“Adding the emergency clause will allow the administration to spend the money immediately and not have to wait 30 days, which would be very detrimental because they need it right now for the campaign that they’re already planning, and they just need to be able to enter in those agreements and make those buys and execute,” Brekke said.

BryAnn Becker Knecht, the communications coordinator for the mayor’s office, told KELOLAND News via email that they are working out details of the contract with Sioux Falls ad agency Fresh Produce. It’s unknown right now how much the contract will receive of the $100,000.