SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Empire United Way is kicking off its annual giving campaign with a week of activities, many revolving around food and beverage.

Severance Brewing Company’s newest creation is SEUW (Sioux) Brew, a nod to the Sioux Empire United Way.

“We introduced an American Cream Ale, just something really simple, light, and just has some really nice little floral notes to it, along with some malt sweetness,” Severance Brewing Co. owner Scott Heckel said.

Severance is using the American Cream Ale to kick off its Sioux Empire United Way campaign.

“With United Way being able to give back to so many nonprofits at once, you funnel the dollars in and they’re able to disperse it all over, it’s just really a great cause to be able to donate to them,” Heckel said.

Severance is currently collecting those dollars at a launch party.

“A dollar for every pint sold, not just of the United Way beer, but all the beers that we sell here tonight,” Heckel said.

Severance is one of 600 businesses and 16,000 individuals helping support the Sioux Empire United Way. The organization hopes to raise more than $9.4-million during its giving campaign.

“We will be able to impact 34 agencies and 75 nonprofit programs,” Sioux Empire United Way Campaign Manager Olivia Essig said.

Campaign Director Olivia Essig says every dollar counts.

“Those programs impact about one in three people in our four county area and so it’s really a lot of impact with just one donation. It’s one of the most efficient investments you can make to make a huge impact on your community, and those funds stay local. They are impacting your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends, your family, maybe you,” Essig said.

Severance is also encouraging customers to round up their tab throughout September to benefit the Sioux Empire United Way.

“We’ve been able to, actually we went back through and added up what we’ve done over the last four years, and we’re approaching almost $30,000 that we’ve been able to give out to nonprofits in the local area,” Heckel said.

Showing that a few dollars and cents add up fast.

Severance is hosting a launch party for SEUW Brew until 7:00 Thursday night.

If you’d like to donate to the Sioux Empire United Way but can’t make it to the brewery, click HERE