SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A man from Hawaii is doing his part to thank America’s heroes; the men and women who made great sacrifices serving our country in the military.

He is making his way across the country for a second time to give veterans something a lot of us take for granted.

“We started this a little over four years ago and this is state number 37,” Irvin Pelton said.

With a razor in one hand and a comb in the other, Irvin Pelton, who is from the Big Island of Hawaii, is armed to serve and say thank you.

“So I was sitting in Hawaii and watching the whales and dolphins and I thought life is too good, I’ve got to come out here and thank the men and women who gave me the privilege of living in America,” Pelton said.

So he’s traveling the country in his old RV painted like the American Flag giving haircuts to veterans.

“Yeah, I started telling my friends I said, ‘guess what I am going to do,’ and they thought I was crazy, why would you leave Hawaii?”

Today, he was one of two barbers who attended the Veterans Stand Down at the Military Heritage Alliance where veterans, some who are down on their luck, can come and get resources to help them in life.

Roger Arpan, who served four years in the Army, is one of those in attendance. He says he never misses the Stand Down.

“I come out here every year to get a haircut,” Arpan said.

“And to get me some winter clothes.”

Arpan is grateful.

“He’s a good person to meet and he cuts good hair,” Arpan said.

It’s just Pelton’s way of saying thank you.

“America is great and ‘United We Stand’ and what’s going on with these military personnel without them we are done with,” Pelton said.

This is his second time doing something like this. The first time Pelton went cross country he hit 49 states.

On this second round, he is hoping to have hit all 50 states by February of 2025.
He leaves for Nebraska on Monday.