SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Sometimes, the worst behavior in one person can bring out the best in others. That’s what happened at a Sioux Falls home.

James Archer knew he wouldn’t be at his home in the southeast part of Sioux Falls on Halloween night, so he placed a bowl of candy out for trick-or-treaters. The bowl was secured to a chair with a sign that said, “Help yourself and smile for the camera,” positioned in front of a door camera.

Unfortunately, one trick-or-treater decided to take all the candy, including the bowl. The incident was caught on Archer’s security camera.

Later that night 13-year-old Kaytlin Chau, took her brother and cousins trick-or-treating around the block. 12-year-old Taitom was the first to get to the chair and saw the sign. He figured the homeowner had just run out of candy so he decided to replenish the supply. Security footage shows him taking candy out of his bag and placing it on the chair.

Ameliyah and Naiyah, ages 8 and 9 decided to pitch in some of their candy too.

“He put the candy down, so I decided to do that too to not be a brat and be nice,” said 8-year-old Naiyah Chau

“Just so kids could get candy instead of just going to the chair and not having any candy,” said 9-year-old Ameliyah Chau.

The kids didn’t find out until later that someone had stolen the candy and the bowl.

“I don’t know why somebody would do that. There’s no point because you are just going to get a lot more either way. There’s no point in stealing it if it’s the same night; you could go to another house, and they will give you handfuls or king-size candy bars. You don’t need to steal a whole bucket,” said 12-year-old Taitom Chau.

These kids set an example, and as you can imagine, their parents and their older cousin are proud of them.

“I feel like that just gives other people hope that there is still people that are very generous and that they are very giving and kind-hearted rather than other people where they think that oh the world is such a bad place,” said Kaytlin Chau

With kids like these, there is no doubt the world is a better place.

Taitom told us Halloween is supposed to be a time for fun so leaving candy for other kids just made sense to him