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Losing a pet is like losing a family member. But when that animal is taken from you that’s a different story. KELOLAND’s Whitney Fowkes traveled to Freeman, South Dakota Wednesday to speak to a woman whose horse was shot and killed.

Cricket was known for the way she handled people.

“If you’re nervous Cricket would be the most gentle horse. But if you got her knowing what you were doing, she would give you a ride. She was fun she was proud she road with her head high. She was a great horse,” Cricket’s owner, Tammy Hubert, said

Between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, someone killed Cricket.

“There was a very clean gun shot wound to the lower part of the neck, it’s a very important area it’s right where your jugular vein, your carotid artery, your trachea, your esophagus, your really important nerves all run through, a lot of dried blood around the area. The horse had been shot just standing partway in the barn partway in its pasture,” Veterinarian, Rochelle Reddig, said.

Hubert says three other horses were in the barn at the time and one of them still cries and looks for Cricket. Hubert misses her too.

“I have a lot of mixed emotions right now. I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m sad. Somebody took out an innocent animal’s life because of something they have issues with. I don’t know the reason, but yeah I’m all of the above. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel numb to the fact that somebody could take the life of an innocent horse that did nothing,” Tammy Hubert said.

Reddig’s necropsy determined the horse was in healthy condition and that it was the gunshot wound to the neck that killed Cricket. She says this shouldn’t have happened.

“Maybe once in a while there’s some accidental shootings of animals during hunting seasons but it’s not hunting season right now. There was no way you could mistake that nice beautiful brown and white horse standing in its lot for anything that should be shot. It looks like whoever shot it knew what they were doing, they knew where to shoot,” Rochelle Reddig said.

The incident is currently being investigated.

“I hope someday you’ll regret what you did, you feel guilty and you come forward and apologize to us,” Tammy Hubert said.

If you have any information on the matter call the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office.

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