BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — SDSU’s Little International alumni will have the chance to display their memorabilia and share their stories.

The “Little I” agricultural exposition is the largest student-run livestock show in the country. This year, they’ll hold the 99th event, and club members are already preparing to honor next year’s 100th year celebration in a big way.

For many “Little I” alumni, the memories made in this arena are lifelong. Now, they will have the chance to share their stories with others through an exhibit at the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum.

“‘Little I’ is something that has impacted generations of people, not only here in South Dakota but in the Midwest as well, it has been something that has been important in a lot of families,” said Sarah Jacobs, Education Coordinator of the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum.

They are not only collecting physical memorabilia, but they are also gathering oral histories and photographs to showcase the history of “Little I”.

“We are really hoping that exhibitors will be able to reminisce about Little I’s of the past and bring up some great memories and share those with future generations of people that will come through and will be invested in ‘Little I’ in the future,” said Jacobs.

“I hope they are just able to take in all the memories and experiences and stories that people have had over these 99 years, almost 100 years, because each person you know everyone comes in the ring and everyone is on staff but each experience an individual has a different story and I think that’s what’s really neat and I hope that we can accomplish and tell all those stories within this exhibit to really encompass what ‘Little I’ has done and what its going to do in the future,” said Grady Gullickson, 99th “Little I” Manager.

Keeping a tradition alive for generations to come.

“I hope it’s around for another 100 years, I mean this organization is truly changing for a person, SDSU, the Brookings community just truly everyone,” said Gullickson.

The exhibit will open during the 100th “Little I” next year and it will run until 2024’s event.

If you have memorabilia you would like to share with the museum, you can contact coordinators for further instructions.