BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — As teams prepare for the start of the Summit League Basketball Tournament Friday, two South Dakota State women’s basketball players are celebrating and reflecting on one year of a nonprofit they started.

For Myah Selland and Tori Nelson, making a difference on the basketball court is one thing – but doing so in the Brookings community is another.

The duo started “Her Turn” last year which raises money for middle school girls to participate in SDSU athletic camps at no cost. They say it’s surreal the difference they’re already making.

“Just being able to see what we’ve accomplished has been really exciting and the amount of girls that we were able to impact in our first year. I think we’re just looking forward to expanding that for next year,” Nelson said.

“It’s funny just kind of reliving this time of year again of what we were going through to launch it last year, and so we’re really excited at where it’s at and what we can do with it going forward,” Selland said.

They awarded scholarships to nine Brookings Middle School girls this past year to attend SDSU women’s basketball, soccer and volleyball camps.

“I think it kind of took us back to when we were middle schoolers coming to these kind of camps and just what those experiences meant to us, and so to have a little part in their experience was very rewarding for us,” Selland said.

There are plans for growth this year, which may include adding softball.

“I think our first steps here are just increasing the number of girls that we’re impacting, and then I think we just really want to continue to grow outside of Brookings,” Nelson said.

Selland, who is senior, plans to still be involved with the nonprofit after graduation.

“We just want to continue to grow it whether we’re in Brookings or if we find our way outside of Brookings to the next part of our life. ‘Her Turn’ is still going to be something that we’re really dedicated to,” Selland said.

“It’s just really rewarding and exciting to see the impact I can make, even if it’s small in these girls’ lives. Maybe they never play that sport again, but if we have the opportunity to make even just a little impact of, you know, this was a good experience for them, then that’s all I need out of it,” Nelson said.

The camps will be this summer. If you’d like to donate or find out who is eligible, you can visit the Her Turn website.