BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — It may be the biggest rivalry in South Dakota, SDSU versus USD.

The two Division One football teams square off Saturday in Brookings in what will be their 115th meeting.

So who is everyone betting on? We went to Grand Falls Casino to find out.

“People love it when SDSU is playing, especially at home in Brookings,” Joee Ektnitphong Sportsbook Manager of Betfred Sports said.

The spread for Saturday’s SDSU and USD football game just came out at Betfred Sports at Grand Falls Casino this afternoon and Vegas is favoring SDSU by 12 points.

If you’re betting on SDSU, you might want to take it now.

“Saturday morning, it’s probably going to go to 13 or 13 and a half,” Ektnitphong said.

That’s because he believes most of the bets and money will be on SDSU to cover the 12-point spread. Vegas doesn’t like to lose that’s why the spread could move another point to point and a half.

“That’s all I follow,” Jim Stengle of Yankton said.

Jim Stengle of Yankton is an avid bettor when it comes to college football. As you can see on his spreadsheet, he comes prepared.

He says he always does his homework, but not for Saturday’s in-state rivalry game.

“I’m not betting that game, but if I was, the Jackrabbits are going to dominate on that,” Stengle said.

Seasoned bettors, those who bet a lot and often, will tell you there are a lot of strategies that goes into picking a team, and one of those is you can’t bet with your heart.

Something Stengle already knows.

“You got to be on your toes, you got to follow the weather, you got to follow injuries, coaches under fire things like that, it’s mostly tradition and I really enjoy that,” Stengle said.

“My dad always told me never bet on the team you like bet, on the team that’s going to win for you and if you follow that step, you’re going to make money in the long run,” Ektnitphong said.