SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — About 45 SDSU students preparing to enter the workforce got some education outside the classroom today. They got to interact with some leaders from the Sioux Falls city government.

Lainey Aasby. is studying business economics and wants to work in the lending field.
Katie Natvig from Pierre is also studying business economics and plans to be a lawyer.

“It gets us looking at the future. I’ve always known I wanted to be a lawyer, so this is kind of exciting for me because I’ll be able to see the city side of it. So that way, if I’m representing a client that owns a building or a place that is getting condemned, I can better help them, or I can better help the city protect the people that don’t really have a voice,” said Natvig.

Both are here to learn about the city of Sioux Falls’s planning process and get some insight into dealing with the issues associated with a growing community.

“It kind of gives me an idea of the future and what I could possibly do if I wanted to work for the city of Sioux Falls,” said Aasby.

A lineup of speakers from the city and HDR Engineering shared their experiences with the many moving pieces of projects like expanding 41st Street to the buying of land for the city. Shannon Ausen shared her 30 years of experience as a city engineer with the students.

“This a great time for city employees as well as the students to be able to show the real world experiences that the students really need to have to understand what they are getting themselves into with their studies,” said Ausen.