BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) – Students across KELOLAND are heading back to class today at South Dakota’s Public Universities, including South Dakota State University.

Living on campus, seeing friends again and attending sporting events are just a few of many things students are looking forward to this school year. 

Business economics and entrepreneurial studies sophomore Nick Grote is looking forward to living on campus again.

“I lived in Young [Hall] last year, so I was confined to a 10 foot by 11 foot, and now I got a whole apartment, so I am loving the extra space,” Grote said.

For students at SDSU, move-in day was a wet one.

“It was a little bit rainy. It was exactly like last year, so it was a little bit unfortunate, but hey, we got it to work through. A couple raincoats. We’re all good,” Grote said.

Kyle Nordling is a sophomore business major from Prior Lake, Minnesota.

“Same thing last year. I don’t know what it is about moving day and rain, but yeah, the rain made it a little bit of a faster process. Everyone wanted to get inside,” Nordling said.

Becky Peterson, director of SDSU housing and residential life, says volunteers were ready to make move-in smooth for over 3,800 students this past weekend.

“Trying to make sure that people’s belongings just stayed dry as much as possible. And while people might have had to wait in lines a little bit longer, we were much more efficient at getting it from the car to the building without it having to sit outside,” Peterson said.

Kelsey Gustaf is a junior interior design major from Madison. She is involved in many organizations on campus and is especially looking forward to one thing.

“The sporting events. I love the football games, the basketball games. The environment going to those games is just crazy,” she said.

Blake Pulse, a senior studying political science and agriculture communications, also serves as the student body president. He spoke at the freshman convocation on Saturday.

“All the new faces and the familiar ones. Just getting back to connecting with everyone, getting really to work within the student government realm as well as back to class and learning from all of our professors,” Pulse said.

There is a common theme for what each of these students is excited for.

“I’m looking forward to the amount of people that I get to see again. I mean, it’s been the entire summer where you don’t get to see everybody all the time,” Grote said.

“Being back with my friends and classmates is really exciting,” Gustaf said.

“Seeing people’s faces again. I’m a big community person, so getting back into my community here and seeing all the people that I can. Smiling faces, everything like that and I’m super pumped,” Nordling said.

“I’ve really missed all my friends and just the environment that SDSU and the city of Brookings has to offer,” Pulse said.