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SDSU Dress Code Policy At The Wellness Center

BROOKINGS, S.D. - When you workout at the gym, you want to be comfortable. However at South Dakota State University, there's a new dress code policy at the Wellness Center.

Walk around the Wellness Center at SDSU, you'll find new signs showing new rules. While there has always been a policy in place, this more visible and updated version is letting students know what they can and can't wear.

"Some of the dress code suggestions were a little gray, so we did help define some of those which I think was helpful," Wellness Center director, Shari Landmark said.

Banned clothing includes extreme cutoffs and crop tops. Ethan Case is a student at SDSU who doesn't mind the policy.

"I'm sure there will be some people that won't want to change and just keep doing what they're doing, it's not a super big deal for someone like me," student Ethan Case said.

Student Matia Person says people should be comfortable, but to a certain extent.

"I think like in public it's a good idea because you can cover, but at home wear whatever you want," student Matia Person said.

There are a few reasons why a policy like this is in place.

"You can contract diseases and different things on the equipment, but it's also hard on the equipment, sweat breaks down vinyl and other equipment pretty quickly when that has contact," Landmark said.

While Landmark says there have been mixed reactions from students, but this is a place that promotes wellness.

"We're going to work with the students and members too at this point and help keep everyone safe and healthy, that's what the Wellness Center is all about," Landmark said.

Landmark says they will have shirts available for students not following the proper dress code for the first few days of school. After that they will ask people to change clothes.

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