BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — The SDSU campus is alive with pride today. Students and faculty say the football team’s victory in Texas yesterday to bring home a national championship has everyone excited.

886 miles separate the SDSU Campus from the Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, where the Jackrabbit football team won a national championship. The students we talked with say there is an air of excitement on campus today.

“There are smiles on everybody’s faces as you walk through. I mean, I thought the class was going to get canceled today because everyone was so excited,” said Student Nick Grot.

“It’s my first semester here, definitely confident in my decision in picking the right school. I think everyone is just waiting for the team to come back so we can celebrate as a whole union, you know,” said Student Owen Jacobs.

Tom Hanson: Does this bring some pride to the campus?

“Oh definitely, there is a sense that we have the greatest program in the nation right now,” said Jacobs.

We also caught up with Megan Stiefvater and Brooke Bauer at the student union.

“Feels pretty great I come from a school where we never won football so feels good to finally be at a school that does,” said Bauer.

“Yea it was great, watching the game it was fun,” said Stiefvater.

Tom Hanson: Does that bring a sense of pride to the school?

“I think so, yep definitely I think everyone is super excited about it and the whole community is too,” said Bauer.

Rosemary Washnok and her friends, Mahala and Andrew, just bought new championship shirts at the campus bookstore.

“I actually went to Frisco and got back at 8 a.m. this morning and got an hour’s sleep, so we got shirts and stuff,” said Washnok.

And they aren’t the only ones buying jackrabbit gear. Book Store Director Amber Healy says it’s been busy and she’s amazed at how fast they got championship shirt, sweatshirts and other gear from the manufacturer to the store.

“Very excited alumni here shopping, looking for stuff today and ready to buy more,” said Healy.

Tom Hanson: Tell me about the 4th quarter, and you’ve got to make a decision tell me about that.

“Worked all morning and then went home and watched the game, and it was around the 4th quarter that I said to myself, we are going to win this, I have to go back in, we got to start ordering stuff, so literally drove back to work and started placing phone calls the minute that that clock hit zero and stuff was being printed within ten minutes.”

For some watching the victory on TV is one thing, being able to celebrate with the players and their classmates will be another. And to make the win even sweeter, the blue and gold victory was over rival NDSU. South Dakota State University will host a public national championship celebration tomorrow at 5 p.m. at the Sanford-Jackrabbit Athletic Complex.