SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — From Sleetwood Mac to Plowabunga, South Dakota’s state plows are rolling down the roads with some cool names.

It’s all thanks to the Department of Transportation’s Snowplow Naming Contest.

Snowplow drivers help keep communities moving in the winter time.

Christine Wanless, a nurse, knows all about that.

“They help us do what we need to do and to care for our patients,” Wanless said.

Late last year, Wanless decided to enter the DOT’s snowplow naming contest.

She became one of the winners of the contest.

“I was at work and I just quickly put in five names and one of them was Blizzard Buster and then I get an email saying it was one of the winners, so I was kind of surprised,” Wanless said.

On Friday, Wanless got to meet Blizzard Buster at the DOT’s Sioux Falls location.

“It seems like it fits because we’ve had so much snow that we’ve needed the blizzards to be busted up for us this year,” Wanless said.

Highway maintenance worker, Jared Lahr, drives Blizzard Buster.

He likes the name on the front of his truck and is happy the public is getting involved.

“It’s always good for awareness that we’re out there and about. We’re helping keep the roads safer…everybody’s that’s traveling through our state, within our state,” Lahr said.

“It’s a job that doesn’t always get the thanks it deserves for all the hours and work you all put in so we just really appreciate it,” Wanless said.

With winter hanging on in KELOLAND, it’s likely Lahr and Blizzard Buster will be putting in more hours clearing the roads this season.

Another reason Wanless has so much appreciation for plow drivers is because her grandfather used to operate a maintainer in Todd County.

To see the rest of the winning snowplow names, click here.

You’ll also find information on the DOT’s snowplow blizzard bracket.

Live voting begins March 14..