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SD Democratic Party To Reconvene After Paperwork Issue

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - South Dakota Democrats are preparing to convene again even though their 2018 convention has come and gone. 

The move comes after the chairman of the South Dakota GOP sent a letter to the Secretary of State challenging the Democrats' certification of candidates. 

The South Dakota Secretary of State says the primary issue here is a missed deadline. 

According to law, the Secretary of State's office is supposed to receive the nominations by a state convention within three days of the close of the convention. 

The Democratic convention wrapped up on June 16, which means the documents were supposed to arrive by the 20, but they came in late. 

Democrats now have some unfinished business to tend to on August 10. 

"We'll have the officers of the convention reconvening our delegates that are attending and then we'll have a vote to nominate our seven constitutional candidates, accept the nominations, and then certify them," South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg said. 

South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg says this time the documents will be hand delivered to Pierre so they arrive by August 14, which is the deadline.  

But a missed time window isn't the only reason Republicans spoke up. 

The documents that were turned into the Secretary of State's office lacked the signatures of the convention officers, which is also required by law. 

"We thought we were doing it correctly because we filed the letters the way we had filed in the past, but past practice was not our guidance. The letter of the law will now be our guidance," Tornberg said. 

"If I were a Democrat I would be upset," Minnehaha County Republican Party Chairman Dave Roetman said. 

Dave Roetman is the Chairman of the Minnehaha County Republican Party.

"This is not just a clerical error. This is a catastrophic error of party organization," Roetman said. 

However, Tornberg has a different take on the matter. 

"This is a technicality that's unfortunate. I don't believe that South Dakota voters in general care about this issue. They want an election," Tornberg said. 

Again, after re-examination, the secretary of state says the documents sent in by the Democratic party cannot be accepted because of the missed deadline. 

While the nominations are supposed to be certified by the officers of the convention, the Secretary of State's office doesn't track a party's convention officers. 

This affects seven offices, but not the governor's race. 

You can read the documents related to this issue here. 

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