Scrapbook details woman’s 100th birthday, antique store owner is searching for her family

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A local business owner needs your help to reunite a woman with her family. Well, in a matter of speaking. Daniel Larson owns an antique shop called Julz Woodworking, Antiques and Thrift Store on West 12th Street in Sioux Falls. He’s no detective, but he’s trying to solve a mystery. His main clue is a real page-turner.

“It’s a nostalgia feeling when you come in here,” Larson said.

Even as a kid, Larson knew the past would somehow be his future.

“Coming across different stuff people haven’t touched in years. It’s just, something special about it,” Larson said.

You can find guitars, knick knacks, and reminders of time gone by in Larson’s store. He encounters a lot of treasures, and he recently came face to face with Christine Parker. However, he’s never met her…and, everything indicates he never will.

“She must’ve known a lot of, a lot of people,” Larson said.

In 1995, all of those people celebrated Christine’s 100th birthday. It’s all here in a scrapbook Larson found in a box of stuff in his store.

“Somebody put in a lot of work into making this,” Larson said.

The book includes cards and letters from dignitaries including Senator Tom Daschle.

“Unable to make it to her birthday. You know, pretty cool,” Larson said. “They’re all pretty cool. this one here is from the mayor, Gary Hanson, just saying, ‘congratulations on your 100th birthday,'” Larson said.

Now Larson wants to find Christine’s family, to give them back this piece of her life, in case they’re missing the woman people clearly loved.

“That’d be great. I would just feel good, you know, for both of us,” Larson said.

If you are related to Christine, and are interested in this book, you can call Julz Woodworking, Antiques and Thrift Store. The phone number is (605) 728-3433.

Larson works with the past, and that’s why he’s so intent on saving this piece of it. Whoever Christine Parker is, she made it to 100, and Larson thinks her future generations would treasure this book.

“I’d hate for it to go to the trash, you know, this be wasted. Somebody put in a lot of effort for this” Larson said.

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