OMAHA, Neb. (KELO) — He was last year’s Summit League Player of the Year. But those accolades can only take you so far.

That’s why Baylor Scheierman transferred from SDSU to Creighton University in Nebraska, where he immediately stepped into a starting role for the Blue Jays.

Now his sights are set on bigger things.

Baylor Scheierman was one of the most-desired transfers in the portal after last season with SDSU averaging 16 points, eight rebounds and four assists per game.

Don: “Why did you decide to transfer?”

Baylor: “You know, kind of just going through the draft process last year and the feedback I was getting a lot of scouts wanted me to play against higher level competition and see if my game translated specifically like my defense. So, that kind of went into my decision and ultimately, you know, my dream is to, you know, play in the NBA, and I felt like transferring up was gonna put me in like the best position to get there.

A chance to come back to Nebraska where he grew up may have played a part as well.

“When he went into the portal obviously we were going to be interested in him, we had some good visits with him and his family, I think the lure of coming closer to home and playing in an environment like we have in this building and in a league like the Big East, was something that was intriguing to him,” head coach Greg McDermott said.

Head coach, Greg McDermott says Scheierman hasn’t disappointed and even surprised him a bit.

“Probably rebounding, I think you realize a shooter is a shooter, but to be able to rebound at the level that he did in the Summit League and average 9 or 10 rebounds a game in the Big East he’ll probably end up breaking our school record for the number of double doubles in a season at least in the modern era,” McDermott said.

Scheierman has a big decision to make at the end of the season. Will he come back and play one more year for Creighton or will he declare himself for the NBA draft?

“Yeah, right now, you know, there’s been no official decision and I’m gonna take my time and decide with my family and there’s a lot of pros and cons to both and so I’m just gonna go over it ultimately a lot of prayer and we’ll make a decision when it’s time,” Scheireman said.

Scheierman says while he’s focused on the NCAA tournament right now, he kept an eye all season on his former team, SDSU.

“Absolutely, those are my guys and you know, a lot of them are still there, obviously. Yeah, I follow them the whole year and they started off a little slow, but they’ve come around a great year so far and so definitely tuned in for sure,” Scheierman said.

Scheierman has now scored over 15 hundred points and 900 rebounds in his career. The Blue Jays take on North Carolina State Friday in the NCAA Tournament.